By | 2004-09-26

  • Flying into the ‘Blogosphere’ (The TImes and Democrat)
    “Your blog is whatever you want it to be. There are now literally millions of them, and they follow no specific set of rules. In simple terms, a blog is a Web site, where you write on an ongoing basis. New material shows up at the top, allowing visitors to first read what’s new. The reader can comment on the material, e-mail you or just read.”
  • 불꽃촬영의 실제 (손오공님)
    셧터는 B, 조리개는 8~11, ISO 100(또는 200), 검정종이로 렌즈앞을 잘 막았다 떼었다 해야되는군..음..
    10월9일 : 중국,호주 10월16일 : 이태리, 한국 장소 : 한강시민공원 여의도지구 63빌딩 앞